What People Are Saying

Dear Brenda,

I am writing to let you know how your book “Carvings” has changed my life forever. For many, many years I have struggled with self condemnation and never felt what I did for Jesus was good enough. Thanks to your amazing book I have truly been set free.

It was like Jesus himself was reading it to me especially when He spoke about the butterfly. I read this entry every day and I now have a beautiful picture of a butterfly as my desktop. I am now able to speak into people’s lives just as you prophesied. Thank you for being obedient to His call, you have touched a life…my life…for the better here on the other side of the world.

I look forward to your daily e mail. God bless you and your ministry abundantly, you are daily in my prayers.

Leanne, New Zealand

I am confident that once you’ve read even just a few pages of this wonderful book, that you will feel a fresh wind of encounter blow into your heart and fan the flames of passion for Christ beyond what you have ever known…William Nunez, River City House of Prayer.

Journals of the Heart is a must read devotional. Each of the daily devotions will plow deep into the ground of your heart before gently placing God’s Word there for daily inspiration. These daily devotions are not only thought provoking, but their impact will linger and mature as the hours pass. Writings such as these can only come from a heart that is deeply devoted and sanctified to God… Apostle John Dean, Alliance International Ministries.

Brenda has a way of communicating the heart of the Father in warm, loving, and timely way. Every entry I read always leaves me with knowing that not only am I loved by God, but that He has a great plan for my life. Brenda’s writings are a must read and should be added to everyone’s quiet time with God… Raquel Soto Author of The 1 Minute Guide to Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Wisdom from the book of Proverbs. www.acts1614.org

When I first saw the cover of this amazing book…I had to look further…Just reading a few verses…I felt God speaking right to my heart. The words are so intimate, just like the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters as God was setting the foundations of the earth in place. He’s setting our foundations in place as He sees fit. You’re allowing God to use you, in a mighty and loving way. To bring hope, health and healing to women, that they are being prepared to become part of the body of Christ…S.G. Piper

I’m an avid reader, a fast reader, but this is one book that must be savored, word by word, slowly like your last piece of chocolate for a year! It’s truly as though God, Himself, is speaking from His Heart to yours – words of love, peace, fulfillment, hope. I promise you if you are in a “dark night of the soul” or spiritually/emotionally and even physically drained, this is “the” book to get. You feel like you can go on, you can face each and every situation, through God, as Brenda speaks His Words and His Thoughts to you. I was just recently introduced to Brenda’s writings, but I don’t know what I did without them before now…Dorothy O., Florida

I received your book and it is awesome, I am just getting into it, little by little, but the presence of the Lord is so heavy that I have to just have to lay the book down. Is that the way it is suppose to be.  I hope it is. I am having the time of my life.  I feel that I am moving to higher highs by being so heavily in His presence…Sharian