From the Author’s Desk

What will the reader learn or experience when reading your book?

The reader will discover who they are in Christ on an intimate level. They will learn to hear Holy Spirit’s voice speak to them about their own life in a very personal way through revelation, teaching and personal example.

Through Carvings and a series of books to come they will journey from a place of seeing their own face in the mirror to seeing the face of Jesus. They will learn how to hear and journal the heart of God for their own lives.

Carvings is designed to present God’s point of view in many areas of life, enabling the reader to circumvent destructive pitfalls and receive the encouragement to do it God’s way. The underlying theme in this book is God’s mercy, grace, and His overwhelming desire to reveal the fact that He sees us in Jesus; with love.

What makes your book different other books of the same genre?

My book combines revelation from God, with teaching, prayer, proclamation, and practical reflection and journaling. I combined all the features included some fashion in previously published books of this genre into one book…into an interactive devotional with the power to truly transform lives.

Each chapter consists of one love letter divided into a series of smaller devotionals with time of prayer and proclamation. A reflection question is included to encourage the reader to meditate and journal the Father’s heart toward them. Prior to beginning the series of devotionals there will be a chapter which instructs the reader on how to utilize the book to its fullest. It is truly interactive. The reader will be taken from teaching, to reading, to hearing, to journaling to proclaiming, thereby infusing their life with a faith which sees the manifest work of God in their lives.

What do you consider one of your chief reasons for publishing Carvings?

I was adopted and never knew my real parents. My childhood was a major struggle to say the least. I came to Christ out of a drug and addictive environment. My life was built on low self-esteem and general disappointment in every area.  Even after many years of serving Christ I found myself in a place of great need. Through the process of meditating on the scriptures, soaking in God’s presence (before soaking was ever a term used within the church) and journaling God’s heart I embarked on a journey that transformed my life. It is my heart’s desire, my heart’s burden to share this simple process with others so they might not have to spend years achieving what can be accomplished in a much shorter time

What are some of your primary ministry passions?

My primary ministry passions are in the realm of the prophetic. I live and breathe to use the prophetic in ways that encourage others to fall deeply in love with Jesus. I simply love one on one and small group ministry. I long for men and women, both young and old, to know who they are in Christ, thereby overcoming the trials of life with passionate love. Most of all, I desire others hear the heart of their heavenly father for themselves.

Who is your targeted audience?

My target audience is anyone in the age group 18 to 99.  The person who would benefit most is those who feel they fall short of the fullness of God. Those who feel they live an exceptionally ordinary life and long for supernatural relationship with their Father in Heaven.

Many believers have experienced negative things in their lives which have tarnished their view of their heavenly Father, thereby diminishing the view they hold of themselves. Divorce, single parenting, emotional and physical abuse, having an empty nest, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, and death are just some of life’s everyday occurrences that shape how people view themselves and those around them and the current world they live in.

The issues of life touch everyone in different ways, therefore, this devotional is written in the form of personal dialogs of love aimed a reaching into the deepest needs of a believer’s heart; turning ashes into beauty.

For the one already confident of God’s goodness, this devotional will be an encouraging affirmation, drawing them deeper into relationship with Him, thereby, building their faith to a new level. It will remind them to be diligent in their pursuit of Him, being always mindful of the weaker ones, enabling them to demonstrate a greater heart of love and mercy without judgment.

Can you give a brief description of Carvings In His Palm?

Carvings In His Palm, What God Thinks When He Whispers Your Name, is a prophetic work birthed from the heart of God and whispered into the heart of His beloved…a personal devotional, consisting of dialogs with the Father out-lining a journey of personal growth and intimate pursuit in relationship with God.  It is based on scripture and aims to meet the very basic needs of every child of God?

Carvings In His Palm, What God Thinks When He Whispers Your Name consist of short teachings on Hearing and Journaling God’s Heart, Soaking and Meditative Prayer, Proclamation of God’s Heart, along with a series of Love Letters from God divided into daily bite size pieces. As the reader engages in the process they will be able journal very personal words from Holy Spirit using the examples given. Journals of the Heart is truly and interactive devotional aimed at journeying into the heart of God

Each devotional ends with a prayer of affirmation, confession and adoration, sealing the work in the reader’s heart. Along with the prayers, a time of reflections is provided to hear God’s whispers for the readers own heart and life.

These intimate dialogs will be expressed as coming from the heart of the heavenly Father enabling the reader to experience a closer sense of communion with Him. Written in this form they become very personal as if the reader is the only one on His mind. The ultimate goal is to encourage the reader that God wants to communicate with them on an intimate level, opening up an entire new dimension of relationship where they receive directly from Him.

As a result of increased confidence and acceptance, the reader will be enabled to grow, journaling their own dialogs and reflections for future encouragement and the building up of their faith. Once again, this will encourage a deeper prayer life and promote intimate communion with the Father

My greatest desire is for the Lord to use what He gave me to speak to every believer no matter where they are in their relationship with Him-for them to know the Father’s love regardless-to comfort in the way I have been comforted and help all realize He is always speaking. All we have to do is listen.

Depending On Him

Brenda Craig