An Open Book Of God’s Heart In The Tradition Of Come Away My Beloved

Though her writings are in the same vein as these great scribes of God’s heart, she takes things a few steps further providing thought provoking reflections and prayers which have the capability to increase faith through the power of intercession and declaration. Her book is like Come Away My Beloved on steroids.

The Natural Writer Review

Use “Carvings in His Palm” as your daily devotion and spend time having moments with Father that are revealing and life changing. Each moment will bring a new and more in depth meaning to your walk with the Lord. Hold God’s hand and journey with Him through the chambers of His heart. You will never be the same again.

Pam Kumpe Blogspot Review

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about when He whispers your name…Have you longed to read the carvings in His hand…Longed to hear the conversations of heaven? If so, now is your chance.