From the Author’s Desk… What will the reader learn or experience when reading your book? The reader will discover who they are in Christ on an intimate level. They will learn to hear Holy Spirit’s voice speak to them about their own life in a very personal way through revelation, teaching and personal example. Through […]

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I am confident that once you’ve read even just a few pages of this wonderful book, that you will feel a fresh wind of encounter blow into your heart and fan the flames of passion for Christ beyond what you have ever known…William Nunez, River City House of Prayer. Brenda has a way of communicating […]

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Have you ever wondered what God thinks about when He whispers your name…have you longed to read the Carvings in His Hand…longed to hear the conversations of Heaven about your life? If so, now is your chance. According to Psalm 40:5 God’s thoughts toward you are too numerous to be counted and He has had […]

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Brenda Craig is a author and founder of Spirit Food for Life Ministries, home of journalsoftheheart.com, soakingwithapurpose.com and spiritualdecrees.com. Brenda is a graduate of the International Prophetic Mentoring Counsel. She has had many years of training through various ministries such as: Dr. Bill Hamon, Patricia King’s Glory School, Mary Lindow, Kansas City IHOP, Apostle John […]