Back of the Book

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about when He whispers your name…have you longed to read the Carvings in His Hand…longed to hear the conversations of Heaven about your life? If so, now is your chance.

According to Psalm 40:5 God’s thoughts toward you are too numerous to be counted and He has had a lot of time to think about you since…according to 2 Timothy 1:9…you have been called in Christ before the worlds began.

Carvings In His Palm, What God Thinks When He Whispers Your Name is designed to present God’s point of view in many areas of life, enabling the reader to circumvent destructive pitfalls and to receive the encouragement to do it God’s way. The underlying theme in this book is God’s mercy, grace and His overwhelming desire to reveal the fact that He sees us in Jesus; with love.

Join Brenda and come away on a revelatory, life changing journey into the chambers of Father’s heart…a place where the Whispers of Heaven are waiting for you.