I received your book and it is awesome…

I received your book and it is awesome, I am just getting into it, little by little, but the presence of the Lord is so heavy that... 

I received your book and it is awesome...

…I felt God speaking right to my heart…

When I first saw the cover of this amazing book…I had to look further…Just reading a few verses…I felt... 

...I felt God speaking right to my heart...

…This is one book that must be savored…

I’m an avid reader, a fast reader, but this is one book that must be savored, word by word, slowly like your last piece... 

...This is one book that must be savored...


Have you ever wondered what God is thinking when He whispers your name?

Have you ever longed to read the carvings in His hand or hear the conversations of Heaven about your life?

If so, now is your chance. Join Brenda and come away on a revelatory, life-changing journey into the chambers of Father’s heart—a place where the whispers of heaven are waiting for you.

Why should I read this book?

You will discover who you are in Christ on an intimate level. You will learn to hear Holy Spirit’s voice speak to you about your own life in a very personal way through revelation, teaching and personal example.

Carvings is designed to present God’s point of view in many areas of life, enabling you to circumvent destructive pitfalls and receive the encouragement to do it God’s way.

Anyone from 18 to 99 will benefit, because many feel they fall short of the fullness of God. and feel they live an ordinary life and long for supernatural relationship with their Father in Heaven.

Many believers have experienced negative things in their lives which have tarnished their view of their heavenly Father, thereby diminishing the view they hold of themselves. Divorce, single parenting, emotional and physical abuse, having an empty nest, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, and death are just some of life’s everyday occurrences that shape how people view themselves and those around them and the current world they live in.

These issues of life touch everyone in different ways, therefore, this devotional is written in the form of personal dialogs of love aimed a reaching into the deepest needs of a believer’s heart; turning ashes into beauty.


From Leanne
New Zealand

Dear Brenda,

I am writing to let you know how your book "Carvings" has changed my life
forever. For many, many years I have struggled with self condemnation and never
felt what I did for Jesus was good enough. Thanks to your amazing book I have
truly been set free.

It was like Jesus himself was reading it to me especially when He spoke about
the butterfly. I read this entry every day and I now have a beautiful picture of
a butterfly as my desktop. I am now able to speak into people’s lives just as
you prophesied. Thank you for being obedient to His call, you have touched a
life…my life…for the better here on the other side of the world.

I look forward to your daily e mail. God bless you and your ministry abundantly,
you are daily in my prayers.

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